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What Nonprofits Should Know About Next Generation Fundraisers

    What Nonprofits Should Know About Next Generation Fundraisers

    According to a non-profit study, The Next Generation of American Giving, the majority of fundraising efforts are targeted at older donors, but this segment of the population is quickly shrinking.

    It is therefore inevitable that non-profits need to attract a new generation of donors, but what are millennials, the generation of people born between 1979 and 1994, looking for when making their decisions about giving to nonprofits?

    This is an area of increasing interest amongst nonprofit organisations. In particular there is a lack of understanding about how changes to the way we communicate and the technologies we have access to may be impacting the way the next generation engages with charities.

    In an effort to address this challenge creative services agency Achieve published Millennial Impact Report. Within this report are a number of findings that attempts to identify more effective ways to engage with members of this influential generation.

    The full report is filled with interesting pieces of information but in case you’re short on time here are some of the important stats you need to know about engaging this important demographic in the coming years.

    How millennials want to communicate

    Mobiles and millenials go hand in hand. Connecting with Millennials by providing them with quality content and info through mobile devices, your website, social media channels, and email marketing should be part of your multi-channel approach to engagement and fundraising.

    1) 83% of respondents said they own smartphones, with 80% of this group noting they prefer nonprofits to have mobile-friendly websites. (Tweet this stat!)

    2) 59% of respondents reacted positively to news or action-oriented headlines that link to more information or next steps on nonprofit websites. (Tweet this stat!)

    3) Additionally, more than 60% of respondents were positive about nonprofits sharing stories about successful projects or the people they help. (Tweet this stat!)

    4) Almost seven in 10 Gen Y-ers (69%) surveyed don’t like constantly being asked for money or help via social media and seeing the same social posts repeated over and over again. (Tweet this stat!)

    5) Unsurprisingly, 39% said they prefer nonprofits to interact with them informally on social networks, rather than try to connect with them using formal PR language. (Tweet this stat!)

    6)  54% of respondents indicated they liked emails that shared success stories related to the organizations programmatic work. (Tweet this stat!)

    7) Too many emails can cause considerable dissatisfaction among Millennials, though, as about 70% polled said high frequency of emails was their top pet peeve. (Tweet this stat!)

    8) 51% of Millennials have visited a nonprofit’s website and connected with them on social media, while 46% have read a blog post on a nonprofit’s site. (Tweet this stat!)

    9) Three-quarters of Millennials said the biggest turnoff of a website is when its information hasn’t been updated recently. (Tweet this stat!)

    What motivates millenials to help

    Millennials have the desire to help and make a difference and are led by their passion. Millenials support causes, not organisations. To get them to support your cause you need to communicate your outcomes, tangible results and how they an make a difference.

    10) Nearly half (49%) of millennials are most likely to give when they can see the impact their gift will have. (Tweet this stat!)

    11) 51% stated they were interested in the networking benefits from volunteering. (Tweet this stat!)

    12) Nearly four in five Gen Y-ers  supporting nonprofits were motivated by passion for the cause. (Tweet this stat!)

    13) 56% were prompted to help out because they got to meet new people who care about the same cause or issue. (Tweet this stat!)

    14) Additionally, 46% said they inspired to act because they were able to lend pro-bono skills and expertise. (Tweet this stat!)

    15) 56% cited the chance to meet people their age with similar interests as a prime reason to get involved. (Tweet this stat!)

    16) Further, 43% said they helped out with an organization to broaden their skill set for future professional use. (Tweet this stat!)

    17) Five in six Millennials noted their main reason for joining up with a nonprofit was because they are passionate about that organization’s cause. (Tweet this stat!)

    How millenials like to help

    It’s not much of a surprise to find out that this highly connected generation prefers to make donations via the Web. Nonprofits have an excellent opportunity to develop peer to peer fundraising programs that draw on the increasingly networked lives of millenial supporters.

    18) 40% of respondents donated between $1 and $50 to nonprofits in 2012, while 23% gave between $51-$100. (Tweet this stat!)

    19) Seven out of 10 Gen Y-ers said they were willing to raise money on behalf of a nonprofit they care about. (Tweet this stat!)

    20) 46% indicated they prefer asking people to donate to a designated nonprofit in lieu of physical gifts. (Tweet this stat!)

    21) 46% of Gen Y-ers have donated to a cause via a nonprofit’s website. (Tweet this stat!)

    22) 52% of millenials signed a petition or pledge and donated as a result of an email request. (Tweet this stat!)

    23) Slightly more than half of millennials were interested in monthly giving. (Tweet this stat!)


    Has your association had success engaging younger members through fundraising or volunteering? Share your story in the comments.


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    Daniel – I am with an professional scientific society that is a 501c3, not a pure fundraising NGO, but this is valuable research that I am going to share with my Board, especially when I try to explain the significance of the increase we have had with our social media channels.

    Great. Glad that it is of use. Will be writing a couple of other posts about fundraising strategies based on some of the outcomes of this research

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