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Triberr: What is it and why will you be addicted?

    Triberr: What is it and why will you be addicted?

    Triberr may be one of the best tools that you’ve never heard of. Whether you’re an avid reading of blogs or s blogger trying to increase traffic to your website and grow your current readership, Triberr may be one of the social networking sites that you should consider joining.

    If you’re an active blogger or reader of blogs, and if you’re active on social media, then you might find the site Triberr useful.

    What is Triberr?

    It’s a community of Bloggers, built by Bloggers who devised a way to get your blog posts shared and read more.

    The purpose of a Triberr is to connect bloggers and readers and encourage them to support each other by sharing blog content with their followers.

    The basic principle of the community is that by joining a tribe you are agreeing to support and promote other tribe member’s work to your followers.

    How does Triberr work?

    You don’t need to read a lot guides to know how to use Triberr. It is really simple to use. Triberr is a platform that connects bloggers and readers by joining groups called tribes.

    A tribe is a group of people, typically bloggers, who are interested in the same topics. For example, as I often write about social media, I would look for a tribe that consists of other social media bloggers. Once you’ve identified a tribe to join, you can start by “following” the tribe.

    If there is no tribe, as I found with my interest in non-profits, I just created one and asked non-profits to join me so we could share blogs and talk about the things that interested us.

    The benefits for bloggers

    Certainly, one of the benefits for blogger is that your content can reach a bigger audience as your posts get shared more often so that I have seen an increase in people reading my posts on Triberr and visiting my blog.

    The benefits for readers

    You see content you might miss otherwise. Rather than spend a lot of time visiting other websites, why not let Triberr bring you fantastic content by joining tribes that interest you? I have found it to be a great way to discover new content that I otherwise would never have found.

    Hey it’s just great

    You develop new relationships on Triberr. By joining lots of tribes I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some new bloggers that I hadn’t yet developed relationships with. I’ve really enjoyed reading their posts, chatting with them online and sharing comments on each other’s blogs. Without Triberr, I may never have gotten to know these folks, so I’m grateful to have make some new friends and colleagues.

    If you like my blog…

    I would love you to join my tribe, so if you decide to try Triberr then you are welcome to join one of my tribes. I have a tribe for people interested in social causes, some great social media information. But if you really want to share the things I post please join this tribe. For those of you who aren’t already a member of Triberr and would like to join, just click to follow the tribe, add your name and email and add the social media accounts you want to use.



    I know this is an old post, but I’m wondering if you still find Triberr relevant?

    […] comments are also visible on your blog. See Daniel Melbye’s blog below. Or click on the link to see Triberr comments in action on Melbye’s […]

    I like Triberr too. Unfortunately the wordpress plug-in stopped working on my site so I removed it. Your post reminded me to get back to using Triberr again. You could at one time import or reblog a fellow Triberr users content with attribution. That’s one more benefit.

    […] so I’ll go in first thing in the day and schedule about five tweets to go out. Resource: What is Triberr? I will repeat certain tweets once or twice to reach certain time zones but I don’t do that […]

    I love Triberr and am so grateful to the people that first told me about it. Everyone reading this ought to join up! I’ve met some great bloggers and read some amazing posts that I don’t know I would have found otherwise.

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