7 Ways to Get Volunteers to Keep Coming Back

A happy volunteer workforce is critical to charities. It’s no easy task to find dedicated volunteers in the first place.  People are busy and there are a lot of nonprofit organisations competing for their time.

Once you’ve found a volunteer that’s willing to dedicate their time and talent to your nonprofit, it’s worth thinking about how to maintain that relationship and support them in a way that that makes them want to help you.


How To Forget The Funnel And Learn To Love Your Customers

If you spend your time thinking about marketing like me then firstly, what are we doing with our lives and, secondly, you’ve probably heard the term “marketing funnel” just a few times before.

I must admit I don’t like the term. It lacks feeling, it lacks humanity and to me it doesn’t sit well with social causes. It turns people into processes. It may just be a term, but I think words can shape the way we approach and think about the things we do. I really liked the notion put forward by John Haydon that we use the term planting instead of posting in reference to Facebook and I think that has some merit.