What the hell is marketing automation and why are we doing it?

What is Marketing Automation? Simply put, it is scheduling and sending emails based on user behaviour with the ultimate goal of driving leads and donors to take action. The purpose of marketing automation aligns pretty well with most nonprofits’ priorities. It can help you increase income from existing donors, boost acquisition, raise awareness through content […]

How To Forget The Funnel And Learn To Love Your Customers

If you spend your time thinking about marketing like me then firstly, what are we doing with our lives and, secondly, you’ve probably heard the term “marketing funnel” just a few times before. I must admit I don’t like the term. It lacks feeling, it lacks humanity and to me it doesn’t sit well with […]

Challenge the Decline By Learning to Love Your Donors

We are all accustomed to the culture of success. We read stories about non-profit campaigns that have raised epic amounts of money or a friend tells us about an organisation that raised ten grand using Facebook. We may find these stories compelling, but the truth is that fundraising is becomming increasoingly challenging. Donor retention rates […]