7 Benefits of interactive content for nonprofits

What is interactive content Interactive content is a specific piece of content aimed at engaging participants or readers, more than simply reading or watching. In fact, interactive content is a seamless integration of digital media into structured content including combinations of electronic text, graphics, moving images, and sound to make sure that users are able to […]

Customer journey mapping guide for practitioners

Despite best intentions and mountains of data, many charities continue to offer lackluster experiences for their donors. Customer journey mapping can provide insight into the donor experience and offer solutions that ultimately provide better experiences that lead to greater support.

Landing page best practices

Landing pages are customised pages that your leads are directed to from a social media page, an email send, an event invitation, a paid ad, or a search engine result.

The Power of Storytelling

Understanding the nature and practice of storytelling can be powerful tools to help us convince potential donors to support our causes. The framework and structure of stories, developed over thousands of years, when applied to fundraising can enable us to write copy that is compelling and which ultimately helps to convince people of our values, […]