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Blogger Outreach: Building Online Influence With Triberr

    Blogger Outreach: Building Online Influence With Triberr

    The digital age has shifted the communication paradigm. Traditional media no longer controls the conversation. We the people have become global publishers able to influence public opinion for ourselves. At the forefront of this shift of influence are bloggers.

    Bloggers are powerful connecters with an established and loyal audience that trusts their opinions. They are considered more authentic and sincere. After all, people trust in the opinions of people, not brands.  What better way of getting your message out than to have it relayed by someone trusted by thousands of people.

    Through bloggers we can increase our reach, expand our influence and and change both the perception and shape of the world. But how do you go about finding influencers and building these connections and when do you have the time for the lengthy process of research and building a community that is open to sharing their influence?

    Fortunately someone else went to the trouble of making something that can do this for you. It’s called Triberr.

    Triberr was initially created as a platform to support niche bloggers enabling them to have greater influence but this amazing tool, still in the early stages of development, keeps expanding with new features.


    In many ways it is Facebook for bloggers, a space for content creators to discover content, connect, share, comment and build better relationships. The environment that it has created however provides interesting opportunities for non-profits as well as bloggers, providing access to influencers and an easy mechanism for blogger outreach.


    Whether you are a non-profit looking for a talented blogger to work with, or a non-profit blogger who supports a cause or campaign, it all comes down to compatibility. Like any good relationship, you need to have things in common and a mutual goal.

    Through Triberr it is possible to find and connect with bloggers by joining groups called Tribes. Tribes usually have a clearly defined area of interest. Make sure your chosen Tribes relate to your cause by looking at the Tribe members and the content that they share. Do they have an interest in your area? Are they the sort of person that you would like to work with? Are their readers interested in the same things as you?



    While established audiences are likely the most motivated and supportive connections for a non-profit they can also limit our capacity to grow support and raise awareness as they are likely already advocates of our work.  To affect social change non-profits need to expand their communications beyond our established audience into the wider environment.

    Using Triberr you can bring together passionate, like-minded people who will become advocates for your cause by connecting through tribes and forming relationships with influencers.

    Through Triberr bloggers can follow what bloggers are posting, comment and share content through their networks, enabling bloggers and content creators to combine influence and reach new audiences.


    Tribes are like miniature societies where supporters and nonprofits sit alongside one another, share their thoughts and collaborate. The very structure of the platform is founded on the idea of collaboration and community sharing.

    Triberr has a powerful commenting system allowing you to read, comment and share blog posts inside Triberr making it extremely easy to build blogger relations.

    Triberr recently added a live comments feature that I find to be pretty amazing. In your dashboard you will find a comment stream where you can view blog comments in real time turning blog comments into a dialogue that encourages engagement.


    I have found myself commenting a lot more on blogs because of it, turning comments into something more social and interactive and increasing the amounts of comments bloggers are receiving on their blogs. I think this feature will have a dramatic impact on interaction on posts and therefore creates opportunities to build stronger relationships and encourage debate which is always a good thing.


    Blogs often have a much more engaged audience than traditional media, so that while we may have considerably lower readership we are often able to have much more influence than our size or profile might suggest.

    Triberr acts as a conduit connecting non-profits to bloggers and beyond into the social communities they represent. Through our Tribes we can reach new audiences and raise awareness across a diverse and expansive web of online relationships.

    Through these connections we can communicate to a vast network of potential prospects, increase our influence, raise awareness of our causes, share information and change public opinion. While I have little over 700 connections on Twitter through my nonprofits tribe I am able to reach over 79,000 people. That is pretty incredible increase in influence and all you need to do is join the tribe and you can access the same network of influence.



    All you need to do to get started is join a tribe and start sharing.  If you are a non-profit blogger or a non-profit with a blog let’s get together and share ideas so that we can get better at bringing positive social change to the world and, if you really like what I write, join my automatic tribe.


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