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9 Ways To Make Your Posts Magnetic

    9 Ways To Make Your Posts Magnetic

    No matter what you do the key is using the right content for your nonprofit to engage your audience, inform them about your mission, and then recruit them to support your cause—be it with financial support, with in-kind donations, or by volunteering. Knowing how to develop content that affects people is a big challenge but learning how to do this will reap dividends in securing support for your cause.

    So how do you go about creating content that resonates? I’ve put together a collection of helpful posts that will build your audience, get the public involved in what you do and raise awareness of the incredible work you do. Writing awesome posts that do all of these things will attract readers that are interested in what you have to offer

    1. Let your passion shine through

    Think of the great motivational speakers of all time. Sure…they get people excited because of what they are saying, but what sparks a following is their energy and the way they passionately share. When you let your personal enthusiasm and passion shine through every time you talk about your cause, people can’t help but feel compelled to join in.

    2. Create an emotional connection

    While it’s great to give people facts and data about why your cause is so important, when it comes to inspiring action, start by tapping into their emotions. For a social cause campaign to be successful, it has to make people feel strongly enough that they’ll be driven to get involved.

    3. Share stories about the people you help

    Related to tapping into their emotional connection is the idea of using stories to share information and insight about your cause.

    People will care more if they can relate to what you do on a personal level. By conveying the facts through a real story about real people  that others can follow, understand, and care about, you’re automatically giving them more reason to be invested in the cause at the heart of the story. Make them feel something, it doesn’t matter if you make them feel happy or sad, but making them feel something is essential.



     4. Use scenarios to create empathy

    The reason stories about people can create empathy is people can imagine themselves  or their friends and families facing those same situations, however sometimes the situation is so different that supporters may struggle to comprehend the challenges people are facing. Scenarios can be a great way for people to understand and empathize with the people you are helping.


    5. Provide them with a sense of urgency

    Showing the public why they should support your cause and challenges you are seeking to solve are incredibly important. If you can show the impact is having on the lives of the people you are helping, and provide urgency, they will see why you need their help and they will feel compelled to want to help.



    6. Share your personal reactions and experiences

    Sharing your response to the the circumstances you face working within your charity can be a powerful way to connect with people and allow people to understand the scale of the problems and create an emotional connection to the work you do.


    6. Show them what you do

    If you really want people to like you, to love you and talk about you and support the work you do you need to show people all the amazing things that you do. Twitter allows you to provide real time updates of the work you are doing and allow donors to see the impact of their support.

    Doctors Without Borders shared this post about the challenges in the Congo. Approximately 50,000 people have come to take shelter in Bulengo makeshift camp near Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, since November 2012.


    7. Share the heroic work of your staff

    Often the amazing work that is carried out day to day by people working in charities remains hidden from view. The public may see the post about the projects you are running and the challenges you face but the public rarely gets to see first hand the problems and challenges nonprofit organizations face.

      Social media provides the perfect opportunity to share glimpses of what you do and the commitment and passion of your staff. Creating a personal connection with a charity will motivate people to support your projects.  


    8. Make it all about your supporters

    What better way to appeal to supporters than to let people who already support you share their stories. Create a Twitter list for your supporters, campaigns and events. Encourage them to share their stories, retweet, reply and share their experiences.  



    9. Show them how they have made a difference

    Sharing great news about what you have been able to achieve with the help of your supporters can be a great way to connect with them and make people want to be a part of what you do.




    Continually writing interesting and passionate posts will build support for your nonprofit and the related cause and projects you are fundraising for. Keep writing and sharing your stories. If you don’t tell them, no one else will.


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