Tales from Daulatdia Brothel – The dream that was once my own

Written by Daniel Melbye
Daulatdia, in Bangladesh, is one of the largest brothels in the world – a village of 1600 women who sell sex to 3000 men every day. It is a bleak world but, as I discovered, there is still some reason to hope.

Sharifa runs through congested, smelly lanes, skipping over gutters overflowing with used condoms, empty bottles of alcohol and energy drinks, avoiding a drunk man who stares after her lasciviously. She skips along with a big grin on her face, down the dark stuffy lane, dodging a yelping dog violently kicked out of an invisible door, calling out salaams to all that she is able to acknowledge in her hurry.

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5 Quick tests to keep donors on your website

Website testing is conceptually not very complicated. You’re simply showing different versions of a website and tracking which one works best. When thinking about the website testing opportunities, it can help to look at your pages as stages in a decision funnel from the perspective of your prospect.
There are several different types of tests you can run. And if you run a lot of tests, you’ll likely end up running each type at some point.  Which test you use will be determined by the specific purpose or outcome your are seeking. Continue reading