7 Benefits of interactive content for nonprofits

What is interactive content

Interactive content is a specific piece of content aimed at engaging participants or readers, more than simply reading or watching. In fact, interactive content is a seamless integration of digital media into structured content including combinations of electronic text, graphics, moving images, and sound to make sure that users are able to interact with data or information.

By contrast, an interactive content experience is intended to be participatory, often including a feedback loop in which the outcome of the experience itself is directly impacted by the interaction of the visitor with the content.

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What the hell is marketing automation and why are we doing it?

What is Marketing Automation?

Simply put, it is scheduling and sending emails based on user behaviour with the ultimate goal of driving leads and donors to take action.

The purpose of marketing automation aligns pretty well with most nonprofits’ priorities. It can help you increase income from existing donors, boost acquisition, raise awareness through content distribution, generate leads, establish and retain a loyal donor base, and more. Granted, marketing automation could include more than just email, but, in this post, we’re focusing on email. It’s most likely where a nonprofit looking to get into marketing automation will start. Continue reading

7 Must-Try Marketing Automation Campaigns for Nonprofits

Marketing automation campaigns are a great way to guide your leads and supporters through each stage of the donor journey, moving them from lead to cash donor, to monthly donor and major giver. By providing valuable content and meeting a donors needs at each stage of the journey, you can increase average gift, convert more donors and reduce attrition. Continue reading